20 teams selected to Test Drive Climate Action

Startup Climate Action is now continuing to its third phase, “Test Drive Climate Action”, with 20 carefully selected teams that are developing solutions to 13 different climate challenges.

The Startup Climate Action initative by Sting and Norrsken is a challenge-driven initiative that was launched in June 2020 consisting of four phases, aiming to accelerate the creation and growth of new innovative startups that help fight climate change.

The first phase, “Ideation” attracted more than 1000 signups from 72 countries. Together, they formed close to 200 startup teams from which 52 got selected to the second phase, “Deep Dive”. After an intensive month of refining their business ideas, 49 of the 52 teams applied to the third phase, “Test Drive”.

A jury consisting of representatives from Sting and Norrsken and selected Climate Champions has now chosen 20 of the 49 teams to join Test Drive Climate Action, a pre-incubator program where the participants will focus on testing and validating their business ideas. Twelve of the selected startups have hardware solutions and 17 of the teams are mixed gender, with 35% of the all team members being women.

The fourth and final phase of the Startup Climate Action initiative, a Climate Accelerator run by Sting, will start in February 2021. Seven of the startups that applied to Test Drive will be invited directly to the pitch-finals for the Climate Accelerator.

“The original intention was to choose 13 startups for the Test Drive program – one for each for the 13 challenges. But the quality of the applications was really impressive and the jury had a very hard time choosing, so we ended up selecting 20 startups for the Test Drive program and seven startups that we will welcome directly to the pitch-finals for the Climate Accelerator.”, says Karin Ruiz, Deputy CEO of Sting and Startup Climate Action Lead.

Sting has extensive experience from running Test Drive programs in a number of verticals. But this is the first time with a dedicated Climate Action Test Drive program, run in collaboration with Norrsken, and delivered in a hybrid physical and online format to enable participants from outside Stockholm and Sweden.

“We are so excited to start the Test Drive together with these amazing teams. The fact that 49 out of 52 teams, with more than 200 team members from 20 countries, wanted to continue with us to the Test Drive – and that 85% of the teams are mixed gender – gives clear proof that this kind of challenge driven approach to attract individuals is working. “ says Henna Keränen, Program Manager and Communications Lead of Startup Climate Action.

These are the 20 teams that have been selected to Test Drive Climate Action and the 13 challenges they are addressing

Challenge #1 – Green & Clean Transport

Retrofit (IN) is making transition to emission-free electric motorcycles more affordable and sustainable for developing countries like India where two-wheelers are a major mode of transport, by retrofitting with an in-house developed ingenious ‘e-wheel’.

Skrym (SE) combines different sources of underutilized data to solve a fundamental problem in eCommerce – getting rid of the air in packages, cutting both costs and emissions.

Challenge #2: AI for the Planet

LongYields (SE) is unlocking advanced agricultural planning for 540 million small farmers, and providing financial forecast data that make loans possible, that can enable growth, ultimately decreasing eutrophication and greenhouse gas emissions.

Challenge #3 – Sustainable Materials

GREENer Materials (SE) is producing bio-elastomer from birch bark that will replace fossil fuel-derived rubbers in many applications.

Planboo (SE) is capturing carbon with bamboo, the fastest growing plant. Engaging and educating businesses to reach Net Zero transparently and affordably, whilst empowering communities in the Global South.

Challenge #4 – Energy Efficiency

Bluemethane (NL) will develop methane capturing technologies allowing hydro-power companies to generate up to 8% more energy from their current infrastructure while protecting the environment.

Challenge #5 – Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy

Another Closet (SE) is helping clothing companies to reduce emissions and waste by giving them the data and insights needed to move into the clothing rental market and profitably scale their rental service.

Challenge #6 – Recycling & Reduced Waste

Cling Systems (SE) is a logistics company and a marketplace platform that enables traceable and safe electric vehicle battery recycling. We get the right battery to the right place. One box. One market. Infinite loops.

Challenge #7 – Reduced Carbon Emissions

Cando (SE) is a social shopping app inspiring better choices by making consumers aware of their carbon impact. We are changing the game by helping consumers build sustainable habits.

Challenge #8 – Energy Storage & Integrated Energy Systems

Animaeh (SE) is helping humanity become sustainable by solving the need for renewable energy by local green Hydrogen production.

Challenge #9 – Carbon Capture & Storage 

Direct Air Capture (SE) is building a market platform – directaircapture.com to launch and iterate with customers and our network of partners within direct air capturing.

EKEN Forestry Financing (SE) is a readily available, rapidly scalable, profitable, natural carbon capture solution with the potential to store billions of tons of CO2e in European and North American forests.

Challenge #10 – The Human Ocean

The Grapheneers (SE) is transforming the boating industry through TechAiLos – our 3D-printed, fully customizable boat hull made of smart, sustainable material empowered by an AI platform ensuring sustainability throughout a boat’s lifecycle.

ReShore (NL) is challenging marine infrastructure to be environmentally sustainable instead of environmentally destructive; thereby contributing to rebuilding ecosystems, protecting coastlines and ensuring food security.

Challenge #11 – Renewable & Clean Energy

MbeguSolar (SE) is a platform connecting people with solar energy using a novel self-financing mechanism in Sub-Saharan Africa.

SDK-Marine OTWENS (ES) is a wave energy solution to decarbonize electricity generation along coastal areas and insular territories helping them achieve energetic independence with no use of land, scalable, practical and effective.

Challenge #12 – Green Buildings & Sustainable Cities

Build up Nepal Engineering AB (SE/NP) provides machines and training to driven entrepreneurs and rural communities, empowering them to produce climate-friendly bricks and build safe, affordable houses at scale.

Platypus (SE) With the Platypus AC-to-DC electricity conversion device, we are reinventing the efficiency of in-building distribution, delivering 5-10% reduction in electricity consumption, with no behavioural changes needed by the end user.

Challenge #13 – The Future of Food

FROOT (SE) is Karma for household food: a cool, human-centered platform built around tracking, inspiring, and repurposing food and food waste into new resources by tapping into the power of community.

Penaka Solar’s (SE) technology is combining three wide sustainable business domains: Agriculture, Solar, Water into an efficient, mutually profitable module, all on the same piece of land, in a way never done before.

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