The Nordic DAC Group form a multi-stakeholder steering group with industry partners from renewable energy, aviation, finance, and environmental and legislation experts, including governmental institutions and Universities. Our goal is to tackle climate change by building and operating Direct Air Capture plants to remove carbon from the atmosphere.


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Mikael Bergvall

Business Development

Entrepreneur with several sustainability startups. +25 years as consultant and managing roles in the IT sector.

Finn Eriksson

Sustainability Research

Entrepreneur taking tech to market such as bioreactors and wearables. Marketing of the Prosharp automatic  skate sharpeners  to a world leading position.

Peter Magnusson

Project Management

Serial contractor, team lead project management in industrial scale projects e.g one of the largest wind parks in Sweden.

Alfred Skogberg


Journalist, author, lecturer. Chairman at Renoveringsraseriet. Currently working with Direct air capture.

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