Kick-off! – Negative emissions via Direct Air Capture

The applied research and development project started officially on the 11 of march with project head prof, Filip Jonsson Chalmers keynotes – Opportunities and challenges in meeting climate goals. Thermodynamic principles for carbon dioxide capture – Henrik Thunman, Chalmers. Tools for evaluating carbon sequestration processes – Jens Wolf, RISE

The keynote panel and roughly 20 companies went through planned work packages and rounded up with a discussion on driving forces such as voluntary carbon market conditions.

The Nordic DAC team followed up the Kickoff with a survey addressing market conditions and models to advance voluntary market collaborations. Special thanks to Executive Director Philip Thormark at Global Compact Network Sweden for sharing the survey among its members. Likewise, many thanks to Lovisa Lönegren and Zara Berglund General secretary at the NMC Sustainability network to distribute the survey with their monthly newsletter.


Project description 

The project aims to increase knowledge and identify opportunities for negative emissions through Direct Air Capture technologies – DAC. The carbon dioxide is captured directly from the atmosphere and unlimited during all hours of the year. DAC technology has the advantages of rapid scalability, measurability with removal and storage of carbon dioxide permanently. Thus, DAC has the potential to be used for compensation by various companies for whom it is technically difficult or associated with very high costs to come down to zero emissions and tackle historical emissions. The project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency for research activities with a doctoral student under the supervision of Chalmers with support from RISE. Together with Nordic DAC Group AB, a growing group of sector-leading companies collaborates.